I Am a Woman


Long ago, in a far away land
Where beauty was abundant and life was eternal
Love was immense, where sorrows were none
I was told of a land
A place where humans rant
Where songs are sung and unity is grand
And life is not only about clouds and spacious sands
It is glorious, with adorable infants and inspirational chants
I traveled a long distance in pursue of my dream
To reach love and beauty of humans unseen
For I was a rain droplet ready to set assail
At my arrival I saw a girl with forlorn face
Alone, looking in an empty space
She was tired and disgusted in a manner untamed
She had nowhere to go, but a long abandoned road
People with busy days, indifferent and in glee
There were many among them, crying to have some love for free
It was a sight full of misery
I was colorless but I could feel myself bleed
I was shattered and despaired
I was no more in world I have long dreamed to see

to my surprise, the girl stood up optimistic and erect, consoled me and said

O, dear droplet
Welcome to my land, I may have been a girl to you
But you see I am in fact a woman made of sand
Dwindling through the dark hours
running tireless errands
I slip through the fingers of tragedy and setbacks
Yet I will take you to the world where only I can give a hand with my super magic wand
I am often subjected to suffer, Ah still I flaunt my success grand

I have power of a mystic, but I prefer not to show
I put smile on my face and among adversity I care to glow
I am a woman Indeed, for I have survived through ages


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