The process of becoming unimportant to someone after having lived in their heart is most difficult. How do you accept the notion that they have become comfortable with their life without you? How do you become comfortable with them travelling from north pole of loving you to dusting away their hands, calling you a big shot mistake of their life and moving all the way to south pole for asking you to forgive them? How do you tell them that this is funnier than any joke would ever be to you? How do you translate to them that they do not make any sense with their inhumanity and barbarism while all this time you stood on the pedestal of being oh-so-perfect for them? How do you simply survive losing the love of your life?

How do you respond when they stop answering your phone calls and ignore your texts or block you? How do you shift your heart which oozes affection for them to produce hate? How do you adjust to fill the sudden vacuum in place of love and companionship? How do you realize that someone who once assured you of their existence as that of oxygen in your life has become a stranger? How do you simply survive after losing the love of your life? —————————————————–

No one in this world can soothe your pain when someone leaves you after becoming your world and vice versa. After promising you their love, life and eternity, i think it is the most unfair thing someone can to you. They leave you thinking that everything heals with time but the irony remains, if you have loved someone with all your heart and soul, you never become the same person you use to be before them. It is the most excruciating pain in the world. May you never wish it upon anyone.


But she did not know any other form of love. She did not believe there could be love in the universe, or law of the nature itself allow such a love that harbour conditions, inhibitions, or constraints. Love like that would be paradoxical, dystopia, contaminated therefore it does not qualify to be termed as love.



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